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An orthotic device can be thought of as any external applied brace that supports a body part or limb. This can be anything from a shoe insert to a neck brace. At VPO, we specialize in providing custom-designed options addressing the most advanced deformities and instabilities. 


Following evaluation by your physician, often in conjunction with your therapist, a referral is made for you to see us for evaluation for a "brace." The goal of all bracing is to improve your life and functional ability. Conditions that are frequently addressed with an orthosis include drop foot, knee instability, and spinal pain and instability — basically anything that would benefit from an external support.


Probably the most common issue that presents in our office is related to drop foot, which can be due to many different pathologies. Because of the wide variety of reasons for drop foot and normal anatomical differences, one device does not fit all. That is why we look at all these factors and determine what design option will best benefit you and your situation. Options range from a basic plastic design to advanced carbon fiber design or advanced Neuro-Prosthetic design.


As the leader in the Lehigh Valley in this design of orthoses, we are excited to share this alternative design option with our patients and referral sources. No longer do patients with poor knee control have to walk with their knees locked out straight due to antiquated joint designs. The Stance Control KAFOs allow for natural movement of the legs, despite significant weakness, allowing for a smooth swing of the leg and stability during weight-bearing stance. This allows for a "normal" pattern of walking unachievable prior to this design. Multiple patients who have been told they would never walk again have been able to walk daily with this style of orthosis.


  • Spinal and Scoliosis Orthoses
  • Custom Lower Limb Orthotics
  • Advanced Pediatric Orthotics
  • Reciprocating Gait Orthoses (RGO)
  • Upper Limb Orthotics
  • Neuropathic (Crow) Walkers
  • Stance Phase Lock KAFOs

Call our office to schedule an appointment or request to have a clinician visit you or your family member at the hospital where you are staying. 

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