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    "The staff and clinicians of Valley Prosthetics & Orthotics provide excellent customer service and care for their patients. I really love the attention to detail, style and family personal feel you are given by everyone! "

    BK Amputee
    Referred to VPO by doctor

    "Steven has been a God send. All he wants is to serve you. He knows his profession very well."

    RT Transfemoral Socket Replacement
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Valley Prosthetics & Orthotics combines exceptional individualized patient care with the latest state-of-the-art componentry to provide you with successful and comfortable results. No two patients are alike. This is why we strive to provide options that will optimize your clinical outcome.

Are You a New Amputee?

Having undergone or preparing for an amputation is a life-altering event. No doubt there are a lot of questions that you and your family may have. Our staff will answer as many of your questions as possible. We find this interaction helps to decrease the anxiety associated with this change.

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Lower Limb Prosthetics

Prosthetics for the lower extremity include everything from a Toe-Filler Prosthesis all the way up to a Hip-Disarticulation Prosthesis and all levels in between. Each patient presents with their own individual needs to address their amputation. We thrive on providing the most clinically appropriate, technologically progressive, and functional prosthetics utilizing a broad spectrum of solutions.

Upper Limb Prosthetics

Prosthetics for the hands/arms are less common than those for the lower extremities. This does not mean they are any less complex! In fact, because their goal is to replace the function of the hand and wrist, they require more detailed planning and follow-up therapy. Utilizing the most modern technology, we will provide a prosthesis that meets your goals.

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